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Printer Repairs and Clean Ltd

Printer Repairs and Clean Ltd

Fully Qualified Engineer

Printer Repairs and Cleaning Service Inkjets, lasers and faxes Servicing all of Auckland

Gary Molloy has 20 years experience repairing printers and fax machines and has full electrical registration. Gary can fix all types of printers - dot matrix, inkjet, deskjet, solid ink and lasers. Essentially Gary fixes printers and faxes all day and every day.

We don't sell printers, faxes or consumables so we can offer a totally unbiased service.

Next time your printer or fax misbehaves, give us a call.

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Printer Repairs and Clean Ltd.
(Gary Molloy)
82 Waimumu Rd, Massey, Auckland
Tel: (09) 832 3056
Fax: (09) 832 4854
Mobile: 027 2939060

Specification for repairs and cleaning computer equipment
Printer Repairs and Clean

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All Printer Repairs and Clean electrical equipment is reguarly tested and complies with the relevant Health and Safety guidelines. All solvents used are CFC free and do not contain flammable, abrasive or silicone elements.

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